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Chartered Monopoly: Granted exclusive rights to exclusive retail sales in the regional market, and the contract stipulated that the monopoly market would be enjoyed in the regional market;

■ Price specification: The standardized price policy aims to ensure that the monopolist can avoid vicious competition under sufficient profit margins;

■ Construction services: assisting shop selection, providing professional shop construction drawings, decoration guidance, decoration and display design, etc.;

■ Opening plan: to provide tailor-made marketing programs and new store opening advertising programs;

■ Management output: output mature franchise operation management mode;

■ Professional training: The company conducts regular collective and regional training for the specialists and shopping guides on an annual basis;

■ Network Management: The company provides advanced and professional ERP system software to help monopoly merchants to carry out merchandise import, sales, storage management;

■ Full assistance: professional market staff assisted in the development of monopoly regional chain stores and group purchase business;

■ Operational security: the best return and exchange policy;